Home Brew Supplies

  • Aussie Brew Makers – Based in Mansfield, Victoria.  Good pricing with basic online shopping cart facilities.  Free delivery for orders over $100 (some exclusions apply, see website).  This is where I scored my initial home brew equipment, their “Deluxe II” kit.
  • Discount Home Brew Warehouse – Based in Wodonga, Victoria.  Extremely competitive pricing (usually the lowest) and good quality online shopping facilities.  Delivery calculator does not work though, meaning you need to email them with your shopping list and your phone number, they’ll call you to advise of delivery (max is usually $15 Aus-wide) and organise payment over the phone.  My first order from these guys was $139 worth of gear…pricing this up at my local HBS came to $223, so you can see the value DHBW offer.  Plus my order arrived within a day which is fantastic.  Highly recommended.

Home Brew Information

  • Aussie Home Brewer Forum – I have become an active member of this forum, tons of information and a great place to ask any questions about brewing.  Plenty of hugely experienced and friendly members always willing to chip in their 2 cents.
  • How to Brew – A brilliant resource for learning all about the art of brewing your own beer.  It starts at extract/kit brewing, then moves into extracts with specialty grains via partial boil, through to the grand daddy that is all grain brewing.
  • Grain substitution chart – A terrific chart to help understand the different names various producers give to the same brewing grains.
  • Hop Varieties – A complete list of hops used to add bitterness, flavour and aroma to beer.

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