If there’s one thing you learn very quickly when first researching home brew, it’s that acronyms are rife.  While you can see an enormous list of them here, i’ve outlined many of the most common ones on this page:

DME – Dried Malt Extract (you may also see LDME for Light DME, but for some reason rarely see DDME written for Dark DME…go figure).  A powdered fermentable used in place of plain brewer’s sugar to add body to a beer.

LME – Liquid Malt Extract (same as above but a liquid version)

HBS – Home Brew Store…either online or bricks & mortar.

FV – Fermentation Vessel, the barrel in which you ferment your beer

OG – Original Gravity, the density of your wort (unfermented beer), taken prior to adding the yeast.

FG – Final Gravity, the density of your beer once fermentation is complete.

ABV – Alcohol By Volume, the alcohol content of your brewed beer (e.g. 4.9%).  Calculated by using the formula (OG – FG) / 7.46, remembering to add 0.5% if ‘priming’ your beer with extra sugar before bottling.

K&K – Kit & Kilo brewing, the most basic method of making home brew beer….put a can of beer “kit” (pre-hopped malt extract) and a kilogram of fermentables (usually dextrose) into your fermenter, add a couple of litres of boiling water, mix it all together, then top the fermenter up to the desired volume (usually 20-23 litres), sprinkle the yeast, close your FV and you’re off and running.

IBU – International Bitterness Units, the bitterness rating given to beer based on the ingredients used.  Lower IBU is considered a more “malty” beer (e.g. weisen/wheat beer), higher IBU is considered a more “hoppy” beer (e.g. an Indian Pale Ale).


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