Hops in Pots – 2014/15 harvest

Posted: October 31, 2015 in Growing Hops

I just realised I’d posted nothing about my second year experiences with growing hops in pots.  So here’s a quick summary…

After making a huge fuss over my first year hops, with all the watering, feeding, bine training etc etc…and then getting less than 100 grams out of them, I was probably a little disenchanted by the whole thing.  So in year 2 I only bothered putting my “trellis” up on the Cascade, as I didn’t really have a need for Hersbrucker flowers even if I was to get any.  Mind you, being the hardy little buggers they are, the Hersbrucker grew without my assistance, climbing up the pool fence instead!

On to the Cascade, it sprouted promisingly, and by early February looked really healthy:


Roll onto mid-March and the bines were overflowing with flowers, they were feeling quite dry and papery, with a couple starting to turn brown.  So off they came:


Picking them all off took ages, and resulted in this:

IMG_20150314_151058 IMG_20150314_151052IMG_20150314_151105

1.2kg worth!  Pretty impressive given I gave them very little attention, no plant food, and only occasional water.  Onto screens they went to dry:

IMG_20150314_152445 IMG_20150314_152442

I ended up with just under half a kilogram (~1lb) dried.  And they ended up going into a Merri Mashers collaboration beer we did with Thunder Road Brewing known as “Red Man Walking”.  So I still haven’t ever brewed with actual hop flowers!


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