Hops in pots update

Posted: January 9, 2014 in Growing Hops

I wasn’t going to post an update as yet, as it doesn’t feel like my hops are doing a hell of a lot.  Some growers in more Northern states are posting pics of hop cones sprouting, and some have even picked their first harvest of the year!  But everyone down here in Melbourne is just watching and waiting.

But then I took a look at the last lot of pics I posted, and realised there’s been a lot more going on than I thought.  See for yourself:

Cascade – It’s looking pretty bushy down low, with a couple of strong, thick bines that are around 2/3rds of the way up my “trellis”.



Hersbrucker – One of its bines reached the top of my trellis last week, so I climbed to the top and let the string down to give it some more room.  The bine is quite thick and sturdy, it doesn’t bend like I thought it would, so I’m not sure this design is all that appropriate.  I had to tie some sections of the bine to the horizontals with plastic ties to stop it blowing around too much in the wind.  I think next year I’ll rig something super-tall so they can all climb straight up.



A wide shot of the both of them:



So these potted hops seem to be growing really well.  I’ve been pretty frugal with watering, using a cheapo soil moisture meter occassionally and only watering them when it’s bordering on dry.  I see other growers on my home brew forum seem to water a lot more, but for now I’ll continue based on soil moisture levels.

I haven’t taken photo’s of my other two varieties, planted in the ground out the front….unfortunately the Columbus is almost completely dead, it went an awful brown colour, so I cut the worst bines back, leaving only two…and even those two look nasty.  I’ll post a photo of it soon.

The chinook looks healthy as ever, but has completely stalled…it has around 4 or 5 bines, each around a metre tall or so, but it doesn’t look to have grown at all recently.  I think the soil has a drainage issue where I’ve planted it, so before next season I’ll dig the area up and see if I can prep it better.


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