Hops in Pots – their first taste of Summer

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Growing Hops

It’s just turned to Summer here down under, and I realised it’s been 2 months since my last “Hops in Pots Down Under” update, but really it’s because there’s was very little visible action since that last post.  All my research seems to show me this is pretty normal for first year hops, they show a few sprouts, a short bine or two, then get stuck into establishing their root system.  Sure enough, I had a bit of a dig around on my Cascade, and the little rhizome I stuck into the potting mix back in early August is laying down some serious foundations.  There’s also a heap of new shoots starting to bud out of the main part of the rhizome, so it looks like things will get pretty interesting over the coming months.

I’ve taken a few photos of my varieties today, because just in the last week there’s been some good progress.  First up the Cascade…the main bine that sprouted early has still not done a lot lately, other than a bit over half of it falling off the string during some high winds a week or two back.  I wound it back on, hopefully everything’s ok.  You can just see in the wide shot a 2nd shoot poking its head out, on the left in the close shot.  It looks really healthy, so I’ll watch that with great interest in the coming weeks:

1st year Cascade after 4 months  IMG-20131203-00051

Next up the Hersbrucker.  This little fella aint so little any more…it must have read my last post about the Cascade kicking its arse, because I walked out there a few days ago to find a new bine had grown from almost nothing, to around a foot long in less than 48 hours.  I quickly gave it a string to cling to (on the right), and promised never to mock it again:


Now onto the Columbus.  Remember this one is from a whole transplanted root system I bought, rather than a single rhizome.  It’s still not doing a whole lot with the 3 or 4 bines that sprung up in no time flat, and it’s a fair bit paler in colour than my other plants, but still looks healthy enough:


And finally the Chinook, no doubt the pride of the bunch, as it’s doing what you’d expect hops to do, shooting out long, strong, healthy looking bines that are winding their way quickly towards the sun.  There’s two long bines on that middle string, and one on the right…with a new one not far off winding its way up the left string.  Go you good thing!



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